Project development

Immo Patrimo initiates, develops and constructs energy-efficient, sustainable and architecturally beautiful building projects in locations chosen with the utmost care. Our slogan "innovative creations, timeless constructions" is not an empty slogan, but a vision that we are fully committed to. We implement the new economic, technological and ecological developments in our ever-evolving society in our construction projects.

Sales & rental

Our project offer includes properties that are both for sale and for rent. Immo Patrimo always owns the land and construction. Residential houses and flats are developed for sale. Studios, retail and office spaces are also eligible for rental and thus remain in our portfolio. In turn, our larger commercial buildings are intended for both rental and sale depending on the end user and demand.


Looking for an opportunity to invest your money wisely in real estate? Then Immo Patrimo can also be your partner. You invest in the purchase of a flat or studio developed and built by us and we assure you of a favourable location, ecological living and rental income. We also give investors the opportunity to become the sole owner of an entire building. This principle of "block sale" also offers a very attractive potential return.


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